We are constantly running campaigns for the benefit of the communities with which we work. In addition to the ongoing support we give to each organization, we do these actions that end when the goal is met.

We manage donations, receive supplies and take care of taking it to the neighborhoods. We can achieve this thanks to the collaboration of many people, but every day more organizations join us asking for help. This situation affected us all, but it hits hardest in poor neighborhoods.

Campign results:

40.326+ kgs

Total Food Donated


Families Reached


Social Organizations

We fight the virus together, we count on your collaboration.

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We set out to fulfill a dream in El Refugio de Los Niños in the July 9th neighborhood of Florence Varela We painted a mural! The soup kitchen hall is in a very impoverished place, with the presence of drug trafficking. The mural brings color, and it is a ray of hope for all the people of the neighborhood. Painting expresses freedom, love, affection for so many kids who need shelter, to avoid being on the street. The shelter is a place of containment because in addition to serving meals, they give support classes, various activities, talks, music and more. Meet these people and this project’s origin that we carry out with so much love.


Natural Disasters

Every time a natural catastrophe like a flood or very strong storms happens, we carry out a campaign to collect donations for the most affected. People who do not have decent housing or who live in vulnerable neighborhoods are the most affected. All proceeds are sent to those people.

Christmas and Three Kings

For the holidays, we carry out a collection of toys and gifts for the children. We fulfill the dream of having a happy Christmas for more than 3,000 boys. In 2019 we held an event to celebrate Christmas with the participation of more than 5,000 children from the civil social organizations with which we work. We carry out recreational activities, shows, raffles, we share a surprise lunch and Santa Claus wine to distribute a gift for each boy.


For the cold season, every year we carry out the warm clothing collection campaign. For people with few resources, the winter season is the most difficult, so we dedicate our activity and management to get as much shelter as possible.


We believe that education is a fundamental pillar for the social development of communities, which is why we carried out this campaign for back to school. We collect supplies (new or in good condition), overalls and shoes so that all the boys can go to school.

Child's Day

We dedicate a large part of our contribution to the children of the communities so that they grow up with quality of life. That is why we give importance to this day and carry out a toy collection for the game libraries of the civil social organizations with which we work.


Fundraising is very important for each of the organizations with which we collaborate. We manage, through all our resources, these campaigns that are generally used to buy supplies, but also to infrastructure projects, to give a better place to people who attend daily to eat in organizations.