Soup kitchen united we are more

It is a project that has been running since 2016 and is carried out by its reference Valeria Rosano, together with her family, and they carried out the formalization process in 2022.

It is located in the Cerrito de la Victoria neighborhood and operates in a room at the back of the family’s home.

Around 40 boys and girls attend there, some of them are disabled.

There they receive food, including snacks and dinner, and they have also built a loving space where everyone can share.

They have a school support space and starting this year a volunteer teacher will attend, and a yoga teacher will join.

They also celebrate special dates such as Children’s Day, Christmas, Three Kings and the arrival of school, among others.

The project is supported by donations received from private individuals and unions, and the family donates part of their income to this cause.

In turn, they receive support from Uruguay Adelante and the ABC Plan of the Municipality of Montevideo, both resources that have been decreasing.

For this reason, it is necessary to redouble our efforts so that everyone can contribute so that the Unidos Somos Más picnic area can continue its work for boys and girls, their families and the community.