We invite AVAYA to perform a series of actions for "La cuevita de mis sueños", one of the organizations benefiting from the foundation.

Donation of books for the library of La Cuevita de Mis Sueños and for the school in Santa Rita neighborhood.

Game Library

Donation of games to create a new game library in La Cuevita de Mis Sueños.


We donate food, cook lunches to share together, and the dinner is ready to serve at night. More than 120 children attend to eat every day to the organization organización.

Solidarity Sachet

Sachets collection, cleaning and drying of the material. Bonding and sealing for creating garments. Finally stitched with threads made of the same material.


We celebrate Demián's birthday. We bring cakes, drinks and gifts for a child from La Cuevita de Mis Sueños. We share a moment fill with joy and excitement!

Actions in conjunction with AVAYA
Dental Health Campaign:

Collection of toothpastes and toothbrushes to distribute in the Civil Social Organizations.

Spring Day Celebration:

Spring Day at the Community Club Apache. Offers different sports activities to benefit the community in a vulnerable situation. We play, bring toys and food as donations and live a day of exchange.

Sachets collection campaign:

Collection of sachets that would be recycled. The material with which the sachet is made would be reused, to create garments to donate such as: sleeping bags, pilots, and more.

Dissemination of permanent campaigns of the foundation:

Creation of flyers to spread the Foundation's campaigns. AVAYA contributed its database to send such communications.

If you want to make a corporate volunteering, please contact us.