We invite AVAYA to perform a series of actions for "La cuevita de mis sueños", one of the organizations benefiting from the foundation.
Actions in conjunction with AVAYA
Dental Health Campaign:

Collection of toothpastes and toothbrushes to distribute in the Civil Social Organizations.

Spring Day Celebration:

Spring Day at the Community Club Apache. Offers different sports activities to benefit the community in a vulnerable situation. We play, bring toys and food as donations and live a day of exchange.

Sachets collection campaign:

Collection of sachets that would be recycled. The material with which the sachet is made would be reused, to create garments to donate such as: sleeping bags, pilots, and more.

Dissemination of permanent campaigns of the foundation:

Creation of flyers to spread the Foundation's campaigns. AVAYA contributed its database to send such communications.

If you want to make a corporate volunteering, please contact us.