Inclusive rugby school

“The Inclusive Rugby project is developed in the Montevideo, Uruguay in Punta de Rieles área, in Nueva España settlement.”

The project has been running for 6 years, and its point of reference is Cecilia Profumo, who worked as a professional rugby player abroad for many years.

It is aimed at boys, girls and adolescents together with their families with the purpose of generating sports practice, as well as transmitting its values, such as solidarity, camaraderie, responsibility, sacrifice, tendency towards excellence, continuous learning. , among others.

At the same time, the project provides food to children and their families, currently serving around 100 people..

They also have extracurricular activities, such as school support, art workshops, plastic arts, music, cooking and gardening.

All the people who carry out their tasks in the project do so voluntarily, since it does not have funding for their function. To support expenses, they carry out economic sales, raffles, food sales, and receive donations, although they are not enough.

In addition to the sports and food project, they have a dog shelter, and all the proposals are integrated into a large inclusive project.